In the past, Hidalgo from Olympiakos

In the past, Hidalgo from Olympiakos

End credits to an excellent and highly successful collaboration between Olympic and the Salvador Hidalgo they fell on Friday afternoon.

Specifically, with their announcement, the “red and white” they said goodbye the Cuban winger after two years of common path, thanking at the same time him for what he offered to the club, both with his abilities and with the passion and soul he brought out in the taraflex.

Let’s remember that the 38-year-old’s contract completed at the end of May, with both sides ultimately not proceeding with its renewal for another year. However, in his statements, he had expressed his desire to remain in the “red and white” and “Melina Merkouris”.

The announcement of Amateur Olympiakos in detail:

“On 8/8 2022, Salvador Hidalgo Oliva officially moved to the Olympiakos Men’s Volleyball team, with a promise: “I will fight for our club like a warrior, we will do our best to bring success to the team ». And he kept his word!

In two – wonderful – seasons with the shirt of the Legend, the Cuban, with German citizenship, managed to win four titles, namely, one European, the Challenge Cup of 2023, two championships of Greece (2023, 2024) and one Cup (2024 ), depositing his soul in the taraflex.

Most importantly, however, he “won” the “red and white” world and, in general, the world of Greek volleyball, thanks to his professionalism, dignity and respect.

Hidalgo loved Olympiakos, he “bonded” with him, he loved Greece and Piraeus! So is his beautiful family. However, it’s time to say goodbye to one of our most influential players…

Salva, thank you for everything, good luck in your life and career!

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