Antitokunbo: “We do not know if we will be well”


The Milwaukee Bucks lost in the early hours of the morning against the Brooklyn Nets with 126-123by Giannis Antetokounbo not be presented at the established levels in the last period.

In the press conference, the two most valuable NBA player was asked about how to improve the “deer” along the way, while he did not hesitate to point out the reasons why the Bucks were defeated:

«We do not know if we will be good later (as a team), we do not know if we will be below expectations, it is impossible to predict the future».

Of course, he pointed out immediately after the self-denial that the Bucksto get to the point of looking at victory with demands:

«Obviously we were back with 13-14 points, but we struggled to get back to claiming the match, we did not give up. We circulated the ball, we defended properly, we aimed at the shots that were given to us».

However, he did not fail to comment on the bad texts of the match:

«We missed many shots, did not play as expected in the last minutes and finally won (the Nets). Of course, you have a bitter taste in your mouth at the end of the race“, Said the leader of the Bucks.

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