Opinion – Sandro Macedo: Paris Saint-Germain doesn’t have a World Cup… or Champions League

Opinion – Sandro Macedo: Paris Saint-Germain doesn’t have a World Cup… or Champions League

Mon Dieu! The fans from the rest of the world can keep singing that Paris Saint-Germain doesn’t have a World Cup… or Champions. What happened on Wednesday, in the elimination to Real Madrid, is one of those things that practically cannot be explained between teams of the same level. Or there is, blackout, yellow, white (white and yellow are correlated colors in football defeats).

In 180 minutes, you can say that PSG played better during 150 of them, with 2-0 in their favor and several missed chances. And in 15 minutes, Real Madrid saved journalists who like to use the familiar saying “shirt has weight”, with courtesies from goalkeeper Donnarumma (it was no fault, when a goalkeeper wants to play with his feet like a lineman, he is subject to leaps player) and defender Marquinhos (who remains the best in Brazil, but had a very unhappy day).

PSG fans can even make a special poll: what is our biggest fiasco against Spaniards in the Champions League? A) Losing 6-1 to Barcelona after winning the first 4-0; or B) Losing to Real with three goals from Benzema in 15 minutes after scoring 2-0 on aggregate. I still go with letter A, but there are a lot of people who already bet on B.

Considering that PSG has already been eliminated from the Coupe de France in the round of 16 and that the team is 157 points ahead in Ligue 1, you can say that the club’s season is coming to an end with just one more national title, in a championship that almost looks like a Paulistinha; maybe Paulistinha has more candidates for the title.

If you mess up, heads should start rolling even before the championship ends. Elimination in the Champions League should send professor Mauricio Pochettino back to the Premier League – either at Manchester United or again at his beloved Tottenham. It has been said for some time that Zidane is the preferred name to replace him, but Zizou would have his eye on the French national team.

Mbappe is out. He has seen the Real Madrid fans up close and must already be imagining himself in the white kit next season.

The question is whether Neymar will ask to leave again or if he decides to stay with a team that will be weaker than this year’s – there’s no way to lose Mbappé and get stronger, not even by signing the decisive Deyverson.

Despite Messi and Mbappé in the team, the impression is that Neymar is always the most demanded at the time of defeat. Perhaps the phenomenal value of the fine that the team paid to have him weighs more, or the fact that the Brazilian has let the team down a few times (due to injuries), or that he goes to social media and speaks more than his mouth.


I say again that there is a certain hypocrisy in punishing Russian athletes as an indirect “sanction” for the conflict provoked by the crazy Vladimir Putin against Ukraine. I’m in favor of any punishment against Russia and its insane war, but mind you, it’s easy to ban Spartak Moscow from the current Europa League contest, as UEFA did. It is easy to exclude Russians and Belarusians from competing in the Paralympics, as the IOC did. It’s all too easy to fire Russian Formula 1 barber Nikita Mazepin — and a relief to other drivers and car painters — as Haas did.

But what if Mazepin was the main name of the category and moved dozens of sponsors? Would they have the same attitude? What if some Russian mastered some world-class sport and was number 1, like, say… tennis? Would anyone ban tennis number 1 from playing? Apparently no.

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