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Apollon Limassol is alive and watching the championship


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His team survived Apollo of Limassol in the course he is doing to win the championship in Cyprus, as he managed to get the draw with 1-1 against Rectification.

His team Timur Ketspaia was the one who came in stronger in the first half, with him Novotny to send the ball into the net in the 36th minute and made it 1-0 for Rectificationwhile he missed the opportunity to double the goals for his team as he missed a penalty.

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For Apollon Limassol The Dabo was the one who made it 1-1 in 63 ‘. His team Zorniger missed two great opportunities to make the big upset, with him Christos Albanis to send the ball out in 67 ‘and him Deletic to miss a great opportunity in an empty home in the 74th minute.

APOLLO: Jovanovic, Maurias, Roberts, Hamas (60’Ogenta) Alesami, Kol, Noyok, Albanis, Iliev (60’Zrandi) Yanga (60’Dabo) Dignini.

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On the bench: Jourin, Filiotis, Avlonitis, Jum, Ogeda, Zranti, Psychas, Hambos, Spoliarits, Inzia, Pittas, Dabo.

RECTIFICATION: Loria, Antoniadis, Korea, Lazaros (54΄Popovi)) Abartzumyan, Husbauer, Korrea, Ioannou (46΄Aragiuri) Warda, Christofi, Novotni.

On the bench: Jour, Papadopoulos, Abraham, Popovic, Kaltsas, Arayouri, Risvanis, Escoval, Deletis, Chrysostomou.

Earlier o APOEL managed to get away with three points from Larnaca, after making the impressive upset in 97 ‘against AEK. AEK Larnaca was the one that opened the score with him Farage to take the ball from Englezou and write the 1-0.

In the second half o APOEL found a way to bring the game to a draw, after an error by Englezos and Zampalas to make it 1-1 in 62 ‘. At 88 his team Sofroni Augusti was left with one player less, however in the 7th minute of delays o Check with a header wrote the final 2-1 for APOEL.

AEK: Leal, Gonzalez, Milisevic, Englezou, Rosales, Ledes, Altman (Akoran 59?), Espinosa (Mamas 82?), Faraz (Panandero 82?), Triskovski, Darbyshire (Romo 59?)

On the bench
: Toumpas, Tanti, Akoran, Anastasiou, Lamboiko, Naoum, Christoforou, Mamas, Martis, Panandero, Olatounji, Romo.

APOEL: Skufet (Michael 46?), Karo, Savic, Zampala, Pedro, Souza, Satsias, Okriashvili (Ephraim 82?), Theodorou (Maglitsa 46?), Natel, Kvilitaia

On the bench: Michael, Tsiligiris, Ephraim, Maglitsa, Essling, Gabriel, Diavara, Polykarpou, Wheeler, Danilo

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