National… suffering and strange “goodbye”!

National… suffering and strange “goodbye”!

It goes for other… The already excluded National showed great will to say goodbye to the World Cup qualifiers with victory, but stayed in 1-1 with Kosovo in OAKA.

Definitely third blue and white, which opened the score with him Bobbin in 44 ‘, wasted good opportunities in the second half and saw him Rahmani to ruin her plans in 76 ‘. Beam Bouhalakis had in the 10th minute with the game at 0-0.

Now, it is called to leave behind another process without a happy ending and to build on a more solid foundation, with the aim of to return to successes and while an appointment with him is pending John Fant Schip for his future.

The results of the last match in the 2nd group:

Greece-Kosovo 1-1

(44 ‘Masouras – 75’ Rahmani)

Spain-Sweden 1-0

(86 ‘Morata)

Final score

1. Spain 15-5 19

2. Sweden 12-6 15

3. Greece 8-8 10

4. Agriculture 6-12 7

5. Kosovo 5-15 5

In the minds of coaches

In a system 3-4-1-2, Vlachodimos firmly under the beams, trio and again in the defense was chosen by John Fant Schip, with Tzavella, Gouta and Hatzidiakos, while this time Bouhalakis has Mandalos by his side, Androutsos and Tsimikas had the right and the left side respectively. In the role of organizer, Pelkas behind Masoura and Douvika.

The guests lined up with a system 4-4-1-1. Muric was under the beams, in defense Vojvodina, Rahmani, Fazilji, Aliti from right to left – Schala, Losai, Berisha and Idrisi the quartet in the center, while Rasitsa had a free role behind Muriki.

The match

Willing to play her game, having possession of the ball, but showing sluggishness, Ethniki entered the match and its first offensive efforts were left in the middle. In fact, the first good moment in the race, which came from Kosovo, with the fastest Rasitsa to find our defense open, but Goutas “cleared” the phase, chasing in a corner.

Ethniki really threatened in the 10th minute, with Bouchalakis sending the ball to horizontal beam with a shot from outside the area (with the right), while shortly afterwards Mandalou’s collaboration with Androutso could bring something very good, but the second cross was bad. At that time the possession of the ball reached 71%-29%, but these are the cases where the numbers do not tell the truth.

In the 28th minute, his foul Tsimika brought the second threat from the Greek side, while in the 33rd minute Greece touched the goal from Douvikas ‘header after Tsimikas’ cross, which sent the ball just outside. In the caps, Rasitsa suffered again the defense of Ethniki and his shot sent the ball just above the home of Mouric.

The more the first part reached its final straight, the more Greece increased its pressure and the almost collaboration between Pelka and Masoura (as well as the shot of Tzavellas shortly after), brought us to the brink of 1-0 at 41 ‘ . Which happened in 44 ‘, when o Pelkas made an excellent cross for Masoura who sent the ball into the net with a nailed head.

It was almost missing in its next opportunity for Greece to find 2-0 and in fact with the same protagonist. After Masouras missed a contact from a cross by Tsimikas. After a vacuum, Greece began to become threatening. He missed two great opportunities in a short time and paid for it. After in the 67th minute no one was found to push the ball into the net in the cross of Tsimikas and in the 74th minute Pelkas was defeated by Mouric, the. Penalty came.

In the center of Zegrova, he made the projection Rahmani and the ball ended up in the nets of Vlachodimos. Now, Ethniki had almost a quarter in front of them to take a new lead, but coming out recklessly ahead, they almost conceded a second goal, with the excellent move of Zegrova in 88 ‘, which emptied the whole defense of Greece, but he saw Hatzidiakos taking the bite out of his mouth, chasing him on the line.

See HERE his live

MVP: Zegrova is clear. He enters after the break and changes directly in the face of Kosovo aggressively, takes the assist to 1-1 and in general is in what is good for the guests. With the culmination of the phase in 88 ‘, where he does not manage to make it 1-2, but he has made an excellent move, putting up with the entire defense of Greece, with Hatzidiakos ruining his plans at the end.

Whistle: There is no phase to dwell on the refereeing part of this match, as there was no difficult case.

Greece (John Fant Schip): Vlachodimos, Androutsos, Chatzidiakos, Goutas, Tzavellas (80 ‘Pavlidis), Tsimikas, Bouhalakis, Mandalos, Pelkas (80’ Vrousai), Masouras (86 ‘Limnios), Douvikas (66’ Tzolis).

Kosovo (Primoz Glika): Muric, Aliti, Schala (70 ‘Halimi), Fazilji, Rasitsa (80’ Selmani), Rahmani, Berisha, Vojvoda, Losai (46 ‘Zegrova), Mouriki, Indrisi (86’ Kastrati).

Referee: Alexei Kulbakov (Belarus)

Assistants: Dmitry Zuk, Oleg Maslyanko (Belarus)

4th: Nzhmitri Nzhmitri (Belarus)

WHERE: Sergei Karachev, Alexei Lunev (Belarus)

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