“The referee saved me, swallowed rubber as I went to catch my breath”


His “savior”, Costa Tsoplako thanked the footballer, Giannis Aristopoulos in his statements to Mega. The player of Asteras Kamaroulias described what he remembers from the incident that happened in the game of Asteras with AE Messolonghi, thanked the nurse who rushed to the spot to help and said he was determined to continue the sport he loves.

In fact, as stated by Aristopoulos, in his fall on the field, he went to catch his breath to get up but one piece of rubber who was there sucked it by mistake and stuck it in his throat.

“I fell face down and as I went to catch my breath for a while, with the suction to catch my breath, he pulled rubber in my mouth and then stuck in my throat. I could not breathe. I jumped with the opponent for a head, the child found me by mistake, I fell to the ground, I lost consciousness, I did not understand what had happened. I saw in the video that the referee came first and I thank him very much. I had also swallowed rubber. I did not understand exactly what the referee did to my mouth. After I met I understood what had happened. I had a saint, the referee is my savior. Thanks also to the nurse. As soon as I met, I saw teammates and opponents around me and I understood what had happened. It was a random event. And today I have training and I will go to the team normally. I do not go in fear, as before. It’s the sport I love. ”

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