EIO: Antonis Drossopoulos the new federalist of the Optimist class


The Press Release:

Continuing its cuts and development actions, the Sailing Federation announces the start of its collaboration with Antonis Drossopoulos as a federal class coach Optimist.

He is an international coach, one of the top in the class and with a very rich biography in the national teams of Switzerland, Cyprus, Thailand, Malta and many athletes on a personal level.

The management of EIO and the 46-year-old coach agreed on a five-year development plan for the Optimist category in every corner of Greece.

The main goal through advanced training methods is to close the gap at the competitive level between the center and the periphery. To give incentives and images to the smaller sailors, to develop the team and to create a Greek class school with its own international race.

Mr. Drossopoulos with the cooperation of all the coaches will proceed to a real technical inventory of the athletes nationwide, both in competitive and pre-competitive, school level, so that there is a more complete picture of the Greek Optimist. Also, the boats that belong to the groups will be recorded, but also to the individuals.

From there and beyond, there will be training camps for which Mr. Drossopoulos points out the following:

“In all the training camps there will be a cocktail of theories consisting of a logbook, video screenings, presentations and demonstrations on all the critical issues concerning the development and organization of a team, as well as the technical training of athletes.

I would like to create a series of online meetings where we will invite former successful athletes of Optimist, and other categories. It is important to teach young children the story and our first protagonists.

As for the National team, the fact that it will be possible to train and prepare it can only bring positive benefits. We have to go up again in the World Cup and maintain our many victories in the European Championship. We must be able to go up to the Team and why not repeat the triumph of 2007 where we had won “.

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