Sky Bridge 721: The largest suspension footbridge in the world – Watch videos, photos


Sky Bridge 721 starts at Chalet Slaměnka and goes to the slope of Chlum Hill.

After two years of work, the longest suspension footbridge in the world now welcomes ethereal -literally- hikers in The Czech Republic. By name Sky Bridge 721the suspension footbridge joins two peaks of Mount Kralicky Snezníkoffering breathtaking views.

With length 721 meterswhose official inauguration took place last month, broke the record held by the 516-meter-long footbridge in the Arouca region of Portugal, which was inaugurated in the spring of 2021. Sky Bridge 721 starts at Chalet Slaměnka and goes all the way to slope of Chlum Hill.

Visitors enter it at a height of 1,125 meters above sea level and exit ten meters higher. Its construction required 1,030 cubic meters of cement, resulting in a total weight of 405 tons (the total weight of the ropes amounted to 405 tons and that of auxiliary structures to 20 tons). Passing its 721 meters, visitors will climb to the highest point at 95 meters from the ground or 1,116 meters above sea level.

At the same time, visitors have a unique opportunity to learn local history through an educational route called “The Bridge of Time”: eight educational panels and an interconnected interactive game with tasks that are organized thematically and chronologically will allow hikers, after from a walk of about an hour on specific routes, to return to the present.

Its length is 721 meters.

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