The largest remote-controlled acrobatic aircraft ready to fly in the Greek ethers


This is the pride of the RC Kavala Acro Team, the family acrobatic modeling team based in Kavala.

After months of preparation, in a workshop near her city Kavalaits assembly and construction was completed these days largest acrobatic remote-controlled aircraft in Greece. This is her pride RC Kavala Acro Teamof the family acrobatic modeling team based in Kavala whose 4 members, a father, two sons and an uncle who share the same passion for the aviation idea, is now preparing for impressive aerial maneuvers in front of an audience.

“Our team focuses on remote-controlled models that belong to the category called giant scale. We focus on replicas that are models of real aircraft on a large and very large scale, so they are large in size and very impressive when maneuvering in the air.” explained speaking on the radio of APE BPE “Agency 104.9FM” the team leader and head of accounting support Konstantinos Katsoulis. The new huge-sized remote-controlled aircraft was prepared in an effort to design for the team an updated and even more impressive aerial demonstration program.

“As far as we know, we are the only one of its kind … family team in Greece and so we decided to prepare a unique acrobatic model”, commented Mr. Katsoulis who described the basic characteristics of the aircraft. “The latest entry in our model fleet is a replica of a well-known Russian acrobatic aircraft, the Yakovlev Yak-54 at 40% true scale. So we are talking about an air model with a wingspan of 3 meters, a fuselage length of nearly three meters, a powerful two-stroke gasoline engine 210 cc and weighs empty -without fuel- about 20 kg, a very impressive … bird with acrobatic moods! “, explained the RC Kavala Acro Team accounting support manager. “As far as we know, it is the largest of its kind and the specific category that exists today in Greece”, stressed the aeromodelling expert from Kavala.

A … madness that lasts for years

The team pays great attention to detail and so on he even prepared a virtual pilot that even looks like his pilot. “In essence, it is a … small plane and that is why we as a team choose to place pilot figures with all their equipment in all our models, as well as in this cockpit. The pilot on a scale at Yakovlev Yak -54 this has to be imagined even headphones, sunglasses, uniform, everything, something that the public enjoys! ” describes Mr. Katsoulis.

The largest acrobatic remote control in Greece.

The new page of the modeling team is written after a lot of effort and work since the two brothers had been wondering for many years if it would be possible to create it. My brother and I started modeling at the same time 30 years ago, along the way the two young men appeared who stuck the “germ of … madness with the idea of ​​aviation”. We have participated many times in the Kavala Airshow that took place in this city and in recent years we participate in the big Athens Flying Week event which takes place every September at the Tanagra air base. We want to share our love for aviation with the public … “commented Mr. Katsoulis.

Incredible maneuvers in the air

Every flight is based on an event or show in … the flirtation of the giant air model with the impossible. “This model does not make a simple flight, it makes an impressive flight with acrobatic maneuvers, maneuvers that a normal aircraft can not of course do. The first reason it achieves these maneuvers is the power since the engines of the model airplane are very powerful and The thrust / weight ratio is over 1 (one), which means you can see this RC model even swinging at the same point! The second reason for this acrobatic success is the absence of the … human body that has limits in its endurance when flying the ‘normal’ aircraft.In our case the pilot is you see on the ground and not inside the plane so even the most violent maneuvers are possible. “What a spectator will see with our new giant airplane model, we believe will impress him unbelievably,” the RC Kavala Acro Team leader emphasized.

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