Elon Musk Goes Viral Using Chinese Poem To Question Hunger Program


Known for sparking debates on Twitter, Elon Musk was at the center of speculation on Weibo on Tuesday (2) after Tesla’s CEO posted a poem on the Chinese website that some considered an extension of his confrontation with the UN’s World Food Program .

Musk and the head of the World Food Program (WFP), David Beasley, have been embroiled in a heated debate since Beasley challenged billionaires last week to give more of their wealth to end hunger. Musk countered by saying he would sell $6 billion (R$34 billion) of Tesla stock and donate to the WFP, provided the organization revealed more information about how it spent its money.

On his official Twitter and Weibo accounts on Tuesday, Musk wrote “Humankind” in English before posting an abbreviated version of the “Seven Step Verse” in Chinese.

The highly metaphorical poem describes the relationship between two brothers in a royal family during the Three Kingdoms war period, which is taught in every primary school in China about the importance of getting along.

After the poem, Musk posted a Weibo post about WFP, reaffirming his previous tweets that if the organization can “accurately explain how more than $6 billion (BRL 34 billion) will solve the problem of global hunger, I will immediately sell Tesla’s shares and then I will donate”.

Discussions about how to interpret Musk’s posts had a strong following on Weibo on Tuesday (3), receiving more than 100 million views. Twitter is blocked in mainland China.


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