Astronomy fans bid farewell to the supermoon in 2022

Astronomy fans bid farewell to the supermoon in 2022

The last supermoon of the year can be seen on Thursday night (11) in regions of the country where the sky was clear.

This was the case in Campinas, in the interior of São Paulo, where the sky was only partially clouded, allowing the detailed observation of the satellite by more than ten thousand people who followed a live transmission of the channel Escalapititis, on Youtube.

Specializing in astronomy and nature, the channel showed the supermoon for three hours, with a special participation of Saturn. It’s just that the night was the conjunction of the full moon with the planet.

The Sturgeon Supermoon, as the natural event this August is known, is named after the indigenous peoples of North America. The name is related to the time when the fish is found in large numbers.

“What an honor to be part of splendid moments. For more days like this”, said Edikele Ferreira during the supermoon live. “Bring us abundance and peace. Take everything bad, bring positive energies”, asked Francisco Nascimento.

The name supermoon came to be popularly used to designate the coincidence between the full Moon, when its side facing the Earth is 100% illuminated, and the Perigee of the Earth’s natural Satellite, the point of maximum approach of the Moon in relation to our planet. —considering that its orbit is slightly flattened.

Supermoons are the biggest and brightest full moons we can see on our planet.

It was the third supermoon this year, according to NASA, the US space agency. The first was the Strawberry Supermoon in June, and the second was the Deer Supermoon the following month.

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