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The “decagon”… of cyber protection for students and parents ahead of the new school year – According to ESET experts


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The most powerful tool for keeping children safe in the digital world is to educate them about the proper use of digital technology

Back to school symbolizes a new beginning and at the same time it is the ideal time to protect children’s – more and more – electronic devices, portable or stationary.

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“Preparation should not only include buying new school supplies and books, today a very important part is, and should be, digital security and privacy. You may neglect it from time to time, but unfortunately the back-to-school season provides an excellent opportunity for cybercriminals to trick both you and your children,” global digital security company ESET said in a statement.

For a successful school year in terms of digital security, according to ESET experts, there are several threats to watch out for.

Here is a basic tenacity of protection:

  1. Do not click on unknown links
  2. Do not open suspicious emails
  3. Do not share personal information
  4. Never use other people’s portable devices such as USB sticks or smartphones
  5. Focus on bad grammar or odd syntax in messages you receive from strangers
  6. Choose strong passwords and don’t leave your device unlocked or unattended
  7. Back up your data regularly
  8. Ask your school or university about their privacy and security policy
  9. Keep your operating system (OS) up to date
  10. If you are a parent, invest in reliable parental control programs

Protect your mobile device

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Whether you’re a parent, teacher, or child, the phone is a powerful tool for keeping in touch with others, keeping track of homework, and other school activities. But it is also a tool for malicious fraudsters. Therefore, his protection is one of the key priorities for a smooth and safe return to school.

A great way to start is to install reliable security software on your Android smartphones and tablets that will keep you safe from a host of mobile threats while protecting your data.

Such security software aims to create a secure environment by utilizing the Anti-Phishing function. This feature integrates with the most common web browsers (Chrome and more) available on Android devices to provide protection for all the online activities you want to do. You should also always have the Anti-Phishing feature turned on.

But perhaps the most powerful tool to keep children safe in the digital world is to educate them about the proper use of digital technology and the threats they may face, say ESET experts. Talk regularly with your children about privacy, safety and proper online behavior. Make sure they feel safe to talk to you about anything that makes them feel uncomfortable in the digital world.

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