Crete: Students and teachers can’t find a home – They sleep in cars and beaches


The new year begins with teachers and students still not finding housing.

The issue of lack of houses for rent in Heraklion takes on large social dimensions. Both student properties and larger family properties are hard to find or non-existent. And in the cases that exist, the prices are literally unapproachable!

The short-term rental of properties through airbnb and other platforms gave the gratuitous shot, in a market that was already limited, as the multi-year crisis “braked” building development.

The problem faced and continues to be faced by students from other regions of the country who went to educational institutions in Crete and were forced to put their hands deep in their pockets to ensure their stay on the island.

At the same time, the problem is growing during this period, with the teachers, permanent and substitute, who will work in Heraklion in the new school year.

As stated on Radio Crete, president of ELME Heraklion Zacharias Rigakisthere are no houses, the 70 euros per day for hotel accommodation is too much, as a result there are teachers who sleep in the car, and others, in the south of the prefecture of Heraklion, on the beach!

“It is very positive that thousands of recruitments were made and new colleagues are coming to the prefecture to work, but someone must deal with the serious problem that these new teachers face when they come to Heraklion and simply cannot find a home, and when they do, they they ask 400 euros for one hole. When a teacher comes from the other side of Greece to work, he has a salary of 750-800 euros, he cannot meet these amounts. So the recruitment is good but it is visible the possibility that people will leave, because they simply cannot cope with the expenses”, underlined the president of ELME Heraklion.

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