NASA: Asteroid larger than … Eiffel Tower will approach Earth in a few days


An asteroid named from ancient Greek mythology, “4660 Nereas”, which is considered potentially dangerous, will enter Earth’s orbit in a few days and will pass relatively close to our planet next weekend, but without a problem, according to the US space agency (NASA).

The asteroid, which was discovered in 1982 and is slightly larger than the Eiffel Tower in Paris, has an oval shape with a length of about 330 meters and a speed of 23,700 kilometers per hour. It will be closer this time than it had been in the past 20 years, but it will still remain at a safe distance of about 3.86 million kilometers, or ten times the Moon-Earth distance.

NASA describes as “near-Earth object” any body approaching the Earth at a distance of less than 193 million kilometers and as “potentially dangerous” anyone approaching our planet at a distance of less than 7.5 million kilometers.

Nereus approaches the Earth about every ten years and its next approach is expected in 2031. In 2060 this asteroid is estimated to approach much closer, at a distance of about 1.2 million kilometers (three times the distance between the Earth and the Moon).

Nireas is also a potential future target for space mining, with an estimated $ 4.71 billion in nickel, iron and cobalt.

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