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Nine tips to upgrade the photos you upload on social media


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A good shot makes all the difference.

When Madonna sang ‘Material Girl’ or the now-epic ‘Strike a Pose’ verse from the legendary track ‘Vogue’ a few decades ago, no one could have imagined how prophetic these two tracks would prove to be.

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Going through the era of materialism and appearance, the image is the alpha and the omega. An image projected mainly through snapshots on social media, enriched with filters and shadows, correct angles and a stylized content that sometimes inspires awe or disgust, but never indifference, otherwise the game is lost.

To some it may seem simple and easy. However, to create an attractive photo that will stand out among the hundreds, only a nice landscape and good lighting are not enough. Apply the following tips and make your account irresistible.

1. Clean your camera lens

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Every good social media photo starts with a clean lens. Before you start, make a few test shots to see if everything is ok. Either way, wipe your lens with a tissue or glasses cleaner.

2. Try using a tripod or mobile stand

Nobody likes shaky photos, unless that’s your artistic point of view. However, if you are interested in selling, it is good to have sharp images. Stabilize the camera using a homemade stand, or buy a tripod with a mobile stand online and use it for every shot.

3. Use a timer

For better quality, try to mainly use the camera on the back of the phone, rather than the front lens (selfie). In cases where you want to be in the picture, stabilize your mobile phone on a stand, activate the timer and take the “selfie” from the rear camera!

4. Pay attention to the lighting

Lighting is everything for a good photo. So, make sure you have the best either in outdoor shots or in the studio. For the first case, try to find the spot with the best natural lighting. Experts recommend the first hour after sunrise and the last hour, just before sunset. If the photography will take place indoors, you don’t need to have professional lights to do a proper job. One ring light is enough for excellent lighting, regardless of the time of day. Turn off the flash!

5. Play with camera angles

Angles can create the illusion of depth and height, making your images more interesting. Try to shoot from above or below your object/subject.

6. Activate the grid lines

Gridlines are one of the easiest ways to instantly improve the quality of your photo. This feature uses the “rule of thirds”: a theory that suggests that the focal point of any photo should be placed at the intersections of these grid lines. This helps create a more balanced photo.

7. Don’t zoom with your hand

It’s one of the most common mistakes we make when taking photos with our phones since it reduces the quality of the image and makes it less appealing. Alternatively, try moving closer to the object you want to photograph (make sure to use the rule of thirds).

8. Don’t be afraid of candid photos

Not all photos you upload need to be of the products or services you promote. Every now and then it is good to take snapshots from the backstage of what you do, showing your truth, far from the stylized reality. Show how the product or service can be used for example, rather than the product itself. You can even ask customers for footage of how they use your product.

9. Edit, but don’t overdo it

Even if you don’t know how, there are a variety of apps that make editing easy and creative. However, make sure that any editing is within reasonable limits, without altering the content. Users are now so educated that it’s hard to fool them. After all, it is the small imperfections that create the perfect result.

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