Pierrakakis: From the 8.8 million digital transactions in 2018, to over 300 million in 2021


Pierrakakis: From the 8.8 million digital transactions in 2018, over 300 million in 2021

From the 8.8 million digital transactions in 2018, we are expected to far exceed the 300 million digital transactions in 2021, points out the Minister of Digital Reform on the occasion of a BSE investigation according to which the digitization of the state was the most successful reform for a second consecutive year.

For this sector, notes Mr. Pierrakakis, the coronavirus acted as an accelerator. “In the difficult situation of the pandemic, technology was the only way we could keep the state and the economy afloat, but also the citizens safe. During this period, new digital tools were implemented, citizens and businesses had the opportunity to get acquainted with them so that we can all move forward to the next steps. Thus began the implementation of a new state-citizen trust relationship. “Especially for businesses, the digitization of services such as the original signature has an added value, as man-hours are valuable,” he said.

“The digital transformation was from the beginning designed by Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis. “Already, in the program statements of the government, in July 2019, we had mentioned the plan and the steps for the digital transition of the country in the 4th industrial revolution”, points out to the APE-MPE the Minister of State and Digital Government.

“We are particularly pleased that for the second consecutive year, in the BSE survey, the digitization of the state is recognized as the most successful reform. We are committed to planning even more state services with which we will save time, we will save life “, Mr. Pierrakakis emphasizes.

The data of the BSE research

For the second year in a row and with even greater intensity, companies recognize the digitization of the state as the most successful reform of the last year, with 56% of companies having experienced a positive impact on its operation.

This is shown by the BSE research “The Pulse of Business”. It should be noted that in the other fields a lower degree of satisfaction is recorded (below 20% in most fields), however in almost all there is an improvement compared to 2020. Indicative of the margins of improvement that exist in all fields except the digitization of the state is the distance between positive reviews of the reforms and negative evaluations, taking into account the answers of only those who have an opinion on the reforms. Especially in the fields of spatial planning, market surveillance, administration of justice and business parks, the greatest distance is recorded, reflecting that the interventions are not perceived in practice by the market.

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