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Asian alliance: Samsung licensed key 5G patents from Huawei


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Last week, Huawei and fellow Chinese OPPO announced a patent exchange agreement

Asian alliance. The Chinese Huawei once represented a real threat to South Korean dominance Samsung in the global smartphone market. However, its smartphones were banned by the US a few years ago. Later, the White House dealt a major blow to the Chinese company, denying it access to key technologies developed by US-based companies. The company licenses its core mobile and wireless technologies to other brands, including Samsung, to survive.

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Last week, Huawei and fellow Chinese OPPO announced an agreement to share patents, including 5G technologies, Wi-Fi and audio-video compression/decompression software. Huawei also announced that it has license important 5G technologies at Samsung Electronics. Although the Chinese company did not elaborate, the patents could relate to technologies in the 5G modems found in Samsung phones or to 5G patents linked to Samsung Networks’ network telecommunications infrastructure.

OPPO and Samsung is among the 20 companies that have been licensed by Huawei in recent years. Reports claim that Huawei’s revenue from patent licensing was between $1.2 billion and $1.3 billion from 2019 to 2021. Samsung is the biggest brand in terms of smartphone sales and brings the highest revenue to Huawei among its partners.

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Huawei said it is committed to long-term investment in research and development and improving its IP (Intellectual Property) portfolio. It was the top patent-granting company in the National Intellectual Property Administration of China and the European Patent Office in 2021. In the US, it ranked fifth in patent acquisition. Almost 55% of its employees belong to the research and development department.

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