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TikTok: A glory” in the hands of marketing and the trends of 2023


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The TikTok What’s Next 2023 report highlights the trends that will help marketers understand how consumer wants and needs will change in the coming year

Over the past 12 months, the TikTok community has reimagined entertainment. He shared real, personal stories that brought people closer together and helped others discover new ways of thinking.

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Brands of all sizes from Europe and the world – from #TikTokmademebuyit favorites to global car manufacturers – have created content of all kinds on TikTok to engage with its communities.

In the TikTok What’s Next 2023 report, trends are presented that will help marketers understand how consumer wants and needs will change in the coming year and what this will mean for their strategies, both on and off TikTok.

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From entertainment to functionality, this new report will focus on analyzing long-term, cultural forces emerging on TikTok, their key messages and the conditions needed for brands to succeed on the platform.

The report focuses on three forces—large-scale transformations that show how TikTok is shaping culture—and the associated “signals” for each of them, showing emerging behaviors and interests in individual sectors. Based on research and the behaviors we’ve seen on TikTok, we predict that there will be three main forces – trends, driving this change:

Active Entertainment

Making room for joy

Ideally created by the community

Active entertainment

People come to TikTok to discover truths and dispel myths, which builds credibility and trust between Creators and their audience. 6 in 10 (58%) of TikTokers say they are more likely to trust brands after learning about them from a creator on TikTok.

For example, in Italy, Tampax Italia came to TikTok for an awareness campaign aimed at answering questions about the world of tampons. Together with the popular creator Silvia Burato, they launched the “IMPOSSIBLE” campaign, with which they dispelled the most common fears and doubts about using tampons. Using TopView, one of TikTok’s advertising solutions, the brand’s message reached people the moment they opened the app. This generated an impressive total number of views of over 34.6 million and an engagement of 17.75% which shows real interest from the Italian TikTok community.

Making room for joy

Despite the abundance of self-care tips, people still experience burnout. Thus, she seeks meaningful self-care for issues of public health, burnout at work, and personal difficulties.

Half (50%) of the TikTok community say that TikTok boosts their mood and makes them feel happy and/or positive, with a further two in five (41%) believing it “lifts their mood”. is key in motivating them to make a purchase. In 2023, the message on TikTok – and beyond – should reflect this desire for relaxation.

Creating content on TikTok that helps people find joy—or that brings joy through humor, relaxation, and relatable viewpoints—can make all the difference for brands in 2023.

Ideally created by the community

TikTok communities are a class above the rest because they’re specific – and that’s what makes them successful at scale. Sharing personal interests helps people bond. Thus, they broaden each other’s horizons.

TikTok is not a big, general assembly. It’s a set of small clubs where people discover new ideas about how to explore their passions and live their lives. In fact, here, they are 1.8 times more likely to discover interests they didn’t know they liked compared to other platforms.

People use TikTok to start conversations in their community and find unique answers to whatever concerns them. It’s not just about learning and inspiration. It’s about TikTokers finding people and communities that truly understand them and inspire them to make the change they want.

A reference to the What’s Next methodology

TikTok For Business has gathered insights from a variety of sources to better understand small, medium and large-scale TikTok trends and what they can tell us about culture and creativity on the platform.

This included outsourced research as well as direct data to analyze the platform’s performance on TikTok between October 2021 and October 2022.

Through the various categories included in the report, we provide a look back at what happened to TikTok in 2022 and an outlook on growth opportunities for 2023.


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