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The first scientific Crime Laboratory, “THE CRIME LAB”, in Greece is founded by the former head of the Electronic Crime Prosecution Directorate, specialist researcher – analyst of electronic crimes, Manolis Sfakianakis.

For the first time, criminologists, analysts of criminal behavior and scientists of all specialties are participating in this, who with their knowledge will help the work of the judicial and police authorities, so that evidence can be used to prove the truth when a crime occurs.

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It is a world first that, due to its structure and organization, will contribute to the defense of the perpetrator but equally of the victim“, emphasizes M. Sfakianakis speaking to APE-MPE, while referring to the innovations of “THE CRIME LAB”, he notes:

“- Access from all over the world and around the clock.

– Analysis and documentation of cases by criminologists, alongside lawyers who work with expert scientists to document their conclusions.

– Simultaneous participation of all actors of a trial before it takes place and in real time.

– Most of the evidence is derived and substantiated through scientific research and not theories.

For the first time, anyone who is concerned, or has suffered a criminal behavior, can have direct access through the systems (hybrid and non-hybrid type), with forensic analysts by appointment.”

According to M. Sfakianakis, “the establishment of “THE CRIME LAB” is expected to give a great impetus to the acceleration of judicial decisions, because the time of execution of laboratory investigations and their results will be reduced.

At the same time, for the first time in our country, the role of the criminologist is emerging and we are giving jobs to young scientists with the thought that our idea will be passed on to others in the field (Police, Justice, etc.) by giving young people who already possess degrees and for those who want to follow this branch, new jobs”.

Finally, it should be noted that 14 scientific laboratories collaborate. Particularly:

– DNA analysis / Medical Expertise

– Toxicology

– Ballistic & Ballistic Investigation

– Forensics


– Analysis of Digital Evidence / Digital Forensics

– Cyber ​​Crime Investigation

– Economic Crimes

– Investigating Blockchain / Cryptocurrencies

– Forensic / Forensic Psychology

– Psychiatry

– Psychological support

– Investigation of Traffic Accident Conditions

– Fire Protection – Investigation of Arson and Explosion Crimes