Baby Shark: “Breaking the barrier” of 10 billion views – Watch the most popular video on youtube


“Baby Shark” “broke every record” with 10 billion views on youtube, being by far the most popular video.

This is an educational song created by the South Korean educational company, Pinkfong, and performed by Hope Segoine.

The video was posted in 2016 and very quickly went viral in Asia. However, in 2019 it crossed to the other side of the Pacific Ocean and became widely known in the USA.

Since then, he has given his name to a Nickelodeon TV show, cereal brand, live TV show and more. It even reached the American Billboard Top 40, while inspiring Jamie Tartt in “Ted Lasso” on Apple TV +.

It has been the most popular video on Youtube since November 2020, while in the first days of 2022 it became the first video with more than 10 billion views.

The video shows two children dancing the “baby shark dance”, while the well-known cartoon shark swims calmly, before suddenly starting to chase the children. But he does not succeed and both children break out in celebrations.


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