Amazon today announced an investment of up to $4 billion in the American neophyte artificial intelligence company Anthropic, which is developing a competitor to ChatGPT, marking a new stage in the global race towards these technologies.

With this partnership, the e-commerce and cloud giant takes a minority stake in Anthropic, which has perfected Claude, a chatbot (interactive artificial intelligence robot) that competes with ChatGPT, the popular artificial intelligence tool from Californian startup OpenAI.

Like the latter, Anthropic joins the cutting edge of next-generation artificial intelligence development alongside fellow tech giants Google and Microsoft.

The so-called “genetic” artificial intelligence allows the creation of original contents based on large amounts of data. It offers an interface to the user, who asks questions or makes requests to receive text, music, image or code.

With this agreement, Amazon wants to enter this sector which is in full development and has whetted the appetite of Internet giants, as well as investors.