The Meta is moving forward, according to the, to implementing a paid subscription feature that will remove ads from Facebook and Instagram.

The service will cover the entire European Union and will be offered for approximately €9.99/month on the web or €12.99/month on iOS and Android to account for additional charges for these platforms.

The assistance aims to address the concerns of the E.U. about Meta’s ad targeting and data collection practices.

By giving users a choice between paying for the service to remove targeted ads or using its platforms for free but consenting to its data collection practices, Meta believes you will satisfy the privacy requirements set by a collection of European laws for data, including the Digital Markets Act and GDPR.

“We respect the spirit and intent of these evolving European regulations and are committed to complying with them,” Meta wrote in a blog post announcing the new subscription.

It emphasizes that it will continue to offer free access to its products for those who do not wish to pay.

Still, the company points out that the experience for non-paying users won’t change, and existing ad preference tools will remain available.

The ad-free subscription will only be available to people 18 and over.