Safe Internet Day 2022: Together for a better internet


Today, February 8, Secure Internet Day will be celebrated around the world with the theme “Together for a better internet”.

Safe Internet Day, promoted by the network of EU-funded national safe internet centers, invites young people, parents, educators, policymakers and industry or organization representatives to attend events in their countries and to help create a better online world, especially for children and young people.

Vice President Dubravka Suica said: “Children play, create, learn, interact and express themselves from an early age in an interconnected online environment. Digital technologies allow children to participate in global movements and act as active citizens. “Therefore, the rights of every child must be respected and protected in the digital environment.”

Commissioner Thierry Breton added: “The digital world must be a positive and secure environment for children and young people. “As we teach our children basic skills before riding their bike safely, we must equip them with the necessary skills to safely navigate the world of the internet.”

The European strategy for a better internet for children was adopted in 2012. In order to remain effective in the digital age, in the spring the European Commission will propose a new strategy to support digital skills, provide age-appropriate experiences and encourage participation of children. The strategy has influenced national policies in most EU Member States, as well as actions on issues such as fake news, cyberbullying or exposure to harmful content. It resonates with thousands of schools and young people every year, but also with parents and teachers. Having well-equipped schools and teachers with digital skills, as well as a secure digital environment for children, are part of the digital rights and principles proposed in January in the Declaration of Rights and Principles that will guide digital transformation in the EU.

The pan-European platform “Best Internet for Children” provides children, their parents and teachers with a wealth of information, guidance and resources on issues related to a better quality Internet.

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