The most popular searches of Greek internet users for 2023 were published today by Google. , through the data of “Year in Search” ..

Among the living persons, at the top of the users’ searches is the trapper Sin Boy, and among the celebrities who have passed away, Greeks “googled” Matthew Perry the most – the beloved Chandler from Friends.


1. Sin Boy
2. Stefanos Kaselakis
3. Odysseus Stamoulis
4. Alexis Georgoulis
5. Haris Doukas
6. Kostas Sloukas
7. Nikos Koklonis
8. Andrew Tate
9. Dimitra Vamvakousis
10. Efi Ahtsioglou

Deceased Celebrities

1. Matthew Perry
2. Marianna Vardinogianni
3. Katia Nikolaidou
4. Former King Constantine
5. Aias Manthopoulos
6. Mary Chronopoulou
7. Lizeta Nikolaou
8. Tina Turner
9. Ken Block
10. Yiannis Floriniotis

From the… questions of users first came up with a) what is botulism, b) why does my hair get electrified and c) when does the time change

What is….;

1. What is botulism?
2. What is streptococcus?
3. What is leptospirosis?
4. What is 1237
5. What are kibbutzim?
6. What is Asperger’s
7. What is tofu?
8. What is personal difference
in pensions
9. What is Hamas


1. Why are they electrified
my hair
2. Why do we fly kites?
3. Why the eyes water
4. Why is there a war in
5. Why are the mountains black?
6. Why am I always sleepy?
7. Why is the period late?
8. Why they numb the
fingers of hands
9. Why we fast
10. Why is my mouth dry?


1. When does the time change?
2. When does AEK play?
3. When is Black Friday?
4. When are primary school
5. When does the triode open
6. When do schools open?
7. When did the naval battle of Nafpaktos take place?
8. When is halloween?
9. When does the market pass come in?
10. When was the death penalty abolished in Kazakhstan

What is the most googled on the planet

The war Israel-Hamas was at the top of the trends in 2023.

The second subject in searches was his disappearance submarine Titan in June and third the destructive ones earthquakes of February in Turkey and Syria.


Damar Hamlin
Jeremy Renner
Travis Kelce
Tucker Carlson
Lil Tay
Andrew Tate
Carlee Russell
Jamie Foxx
Danny Masterson
Matt Rife


Matthew Perry
Tina Turner
Jerry Springer
Jimmy Buffett
Sinéad O’Connor
Ken Block
Tire Nicholas
Lisa Marie Presley
Suzanne Somers
Bob Barker

The top searches in 25 years, worldwide

Google is celebrating its 25th global birthday and, on this occasion, it also presents the top searches made worldwide, in the 25 years since the birth of Google Search.

• Rock band: The Beatles
• Artist: Leonardo da Vinci
• Athlete: Cristiano Ronaldo
• Grammy Winner: Beyonce
• Fashion icon: Rihanna
• Singer: Taylor Swift
• Sport: Football
• Video game: Minecraft
• Work of art (plays excluded): Mona Lisa
Activist: Greta Thunberg