Apple will allow the use of other app stores on its devices sold in the EU from March.

Until now someone with an iPhone can only buy apps from the App Store.

With this tactic, Apple argued that it was guaranteeing the user’s safety.

However, it has faced accusations that it has created a monopoly, since customers and developers can only move to its own channels, while it charges the latter a commission of up to 30%.

This meant that developers who either fail to meet Apple’s standards for their presence on the App Store or are unwilling to pay the commission end up being locked out of the millions of people who use Apple’s gadgets.

Epic, the owner of Fortnite, pulled its hit game from the App Store after a dispute over the giant’s policies. It is not available on the App Store as of 2020, although it can be played over the Internet.

In theory, this move could mean that iPhone users in Europe will be able to bring back the Fortnite app through a different app market.

The move comes as the EU Digital Markets Act comes into effect. The aim of the new law is to regulate the larger companies that are gatekeepers to services such as search engines and app stores to make the market fairer for established companies and smaller companies.

Apple also announced that it will provide options for other browsers as well, so that EU users can opt out of using the company’s Safari the very first time they open it.