“I see colors”… YouTube (subsidiary of Google/Alphabet) often experiments with new features, some of which are not ultimately adopted, but now… it takes it to another level.

This is the weirdest psychedelic feature ever to hit mobile phones and in GREECE, and it has to do with a new, completely different way of video selection.

Specifically, YouTube users have the ability to select videos… based on three colors, The Red, Green and Blue. Thus, the user selects the small picture of the video (thumbnail) based on e.g. the new red class which appears separately from the existing ones.

The point is that the videos with each other they have… no thematic connection except for the color. That is, they can range from a car review to a presentation of cosmetics or mobile phones or a cooking show! The platform seems to aim for you to try and find new content and new channels randomly based on… color.

The question is whether some content producers will take advantage of this feature, if it is eventually adopted, by posting the same video as… three different color thumbnails for (much) more views…