The American giant Meta will recognize on its social media the sounds, photos and videos created by Artificial Intelligence (TN) since the month of May, a decision taken against the background of the battle against it misinformation in a year full of electoral processes.

“We expect to begin flagging AI-generated content in May 2024,” explained Monika Bickert, vice president of content policies at the company’s parent company, in a blog post. Facebook, Instagram and Threadsspecifying that the report “Made with AI” will apply “to a greater number of video, audio and photo content” than before.

This content will be flagged by the platform if it detects “AI photo quality indicators in line with industry norms” or if “users report posting AI-generated content online,” she said.

It also counts in its network “about 100 independents event controllers (fact-checkers)” in order to detect “false or misleading” content generated by Artificial Intelligence.

Facebook’s parent company had announced in February its desire to tag every photo generated by Artificial Intelligence, a decision taken against the backdrop of the fight against misinformation.

Other tech giants such as Microsoft, Google or OpenAI received similar commitments.

Transparency is the goal

The Californian group announces in general that it will change the way it manages content modified by Artificial Intelligence, following the opinion of its supervisory board, considering that “transparency and additional content is the best way to manage falsified content”. , in order to avoid the danger of unnecessarily restricting freedom of expression.”

In this case, he now finds it preferable to add “tags and context” in these contents, rather than removing them as it has been doing until now.

However, Meta clarified that it will continue to withdraw from the platforms of each contentwhether created by a human or with the help of AI, which will be against the rules of “against election interference, bullying, harassment, violence (…) or any other policy that is part of our community standards».