Individual branches of the insurance sector in our country have great scope for growth as they still lag behind significantly compared to Europe. In particular, in the home insurance sector, the percentage of insurance amounts to approximately 15% of the total and in businesses to 18%.

In particular, regarding the business, the insurance rate in the field of cyber attack, a sector with rapid growth, amounts to only 12%.

The corresponding percentages at European level reach approximately 60% in residences and 70% in businesses.

At the same time, the insurance industry in the business sector is facing significant challenges.

In particular, private insurance immediately requires internal and external changes, a restructuring of its strategy and planning and additional innovation and creativity that will bring the insurance market into a new reform framework, as Konstantinos Karoussis pointed out, speaking at a Fortune Network Greece event , managing director of The Business Insurance company, which is an insurance arm of the GPA ecosystem of companies Group. At the same time, he emphasized that the insurance mediation should start to plan and act more entrepreneurially based on the customer’s need, always based on the available income. In this direction, more than ever, training in new products that touch on new risks and a change of mentality by moving from the traditional to the digital way of working are imperative.

The managing director of The Business Insurance also referred to the different approach required with technology as an ally, which will provide the required solutions to Greek families and Greek businesses at the same time in the face of newly emerging threats such as the health crisis, climate change, geopolitical instability and economic uncertainty. Concluding his presentation, Mr. Karousis said characteristically: “If we combine all of the above, we will raise the communication with the Greek citizen and businessman to another level, further developing the institution of private insurance with the aim of cultivating the culture of everyone’s insurance consciousness” .