The digital application is available from MondaymAiGreece“, the personalized “Digital Assistant» with the use of Artificial Intelligence, for all those vacationing in Greece.

“mAiGreece” incorporates information about attractions, museums, archaeological sites, blue flag beaches, hospitals and health centers, police stations, embassies and consulates of foreign countries, as well as the content of

In addition, it has a function emergency via the 112 keywhich sends a message (SMS) to the operations center of the Ministry of Climate Crisis and Civil Protection with the geographic location of the sender.

Specifically, citizens visiting our country, as well as Greek travelers:

  • First, they download “mAiGreece” for free on their mobile phone or tablet via the App Store or Play Store.
  • They then sign in with their personal Google, Apple or Facebook account
    Next, they create their personal profile in “mAiGreece”, choosing from a set of categories, for example culture, nature, activities, etc., the subcategories that interest them, indicatively archaeological sites, beaches, cycling, etc.
  • It is worth noting that “mAiGreece” users can submit their queries in natural language, both written and spoken.
  • The “Digital Assistant” using geo-location technology (GPS) provides the requested information based on the area in which the user is located, while also including visual aids to facilitate the understanding of information about iconic attractions and destinations.
  • It is recalled that “mAiGreece”, aiming to offer a comprehensive experience to all users when navigating the application, supports 31 languages, including the 24 official languages ​​of the EU, as well as Albanian, Chinese, Japanese , Turkish, Hebrew, Arabic and Korean.
  • For the implementation of the project, resources financed by the Recovery and Resilience Fund have been used, which are intended to strengthen the digital transformation of the country. They refer to a contract of the Ministry of Digital Governance for Cloud Services, which is monitored by the Information Society (KtP MAE).
  • “mAiGreece” was designed using state-of-the-art technologies based on Artificial Intelligence and cloud computing models and was implemented in accordance with the Microsoft Responsible AI Standard ensuring, among other things, transparency, equality and respect for user privacy and protection of personal data (GDPR).
  • The development of the application was carried out by OTE, Accenture and Ubitech, while the technology provider is Microsoft with Azure Open AI technology.