Bloomberg: Apple is planning an iPhone with a monthly subscription


A new service that Apple is reportedly working on, with which users will be able to get an iPhone with a monthly subscription, instead of a purchase, is mentioned in a Bloomberg publication.

In particular, there is talk of a new effort by Apple to reach more customers, in which it is already looking for alternative sales methods.

Apple, according to the publication, wants to make the possession of the phone like the payment of monthly bills in applications.

Sources say the tech giant is “setting up” a subscription service for the iPhone and other products, which could make owning a device similar to paying a monthly fee to an app.

This means that the consumer will be able to pay a monthly amount which will be managed through his Apple account, instead of paying a lump sum for the new iPhone (or in installments on his card).

The service is set to launch in late 2022 or early 2023, however no further details have been released at this time.

Apple, however, declined to comment on the report.


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