Russia excluded from meeting of 30 countries to fight cybercrime |


Russia has been excluded from the 30-nation-led cybercrime debate on the Internet in recent years.

According to cybersecurity experts, many criminal groups operate from Ukraine and Russia. Some US officials and analysts have said that Russian cyber-attacking organizations have the Kremlin’s tacit approval but are not directly controlled by the government.

The meeting between the 30 countries included discussions on other issues such as the use of diplomacy to tackle cybercrime and the co-operation of countries to become more “resilient” to attacks. Among the countries were India, Australia, Germany and the United Kingdom, while countries such as Canada, France, Brazil, Mexico, Japan, Ukraine, Ireland, Israel and the South also took part in the discussions. Africa.

“We have active discussions with the Russians, but they were not invited to participate in this forum,” the senior government official said, adding that this does not rule out Russia’s participation in future events.

The same man, according to Reutere, pointed out that the United States is cooperating directly with Russia on the issue of cyberattacks within the US-Kremlin Expert Group, which is led by the White House and is composed of President Joe Biden and Russian President Vladimir Putin. Putin.



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