Extreme challenge from the Turkish Aksam: It challenges the sovereignty of Lesvos under the pretext of military exercise


After the provocative statements Tsavousoglou on the sovereignty of the demilitarized islands, Ankara is escalating the tension. Specifically, an article in the Turkish newspaper Aksam raises the issue of sovereignty of Lesvos on the occasion of the performance military exercise on the island.

With Title “Warning to the Greek about Lausanne“, The article notes that”Greek exercises in Lesvos can start the debate on sovereignty».

In particular, he underlines that “after the warning that” we do not bluff about the discussion on the issue of the sovereignty of the islands “the images of the Greek military exercise in Lesvos were revealed”.

In fact, he publishes satellite images from the camps of Mytilene pointing out that on the island, which is 5.5 km away from Turkey and has a demilitarization regime, there is a division of the Greek Armed Forces and its main units, two infantry regiments, seven infantry battalions, a special national guard battalion, three chariot battalions battle, four artillery battalions and 1 air defense battalion.

In fact, the Aksam newspaper questions the sovereignty and for Chios, Lipsi, Ikaria, Astypalea, Rhodes and Kastelorizo.

It is noted that the post comes shortly after his statements Turkish Foreign Minister that “If Greece does not stop equipping the islands in violation of the Lausanne and Paris agreements, the debate on sovereignty will begin».

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