Pispirigou family sues landlord’s lawyer over Georgina’s affairs


The reaction of Roula Pispirigou’s family was intense, for the fact that a lawyer entered the house on Bizaniou Street and, as they claim, took personal belongings of the unfortunate Georgina.

Early this morning, Dimitra Pispirigou with her mother and relatives went to the property on Bizaniou Street, while they also called the Police, because according to one of the lawyers representing the relatives of the housewife, she entered the first floor of the house and picked up Georgina’s school bag.

Dimitra Pispirigou on alert – Talks to family lawyers
In fact, Roula Pipsirigou’s mother and sister took some things from the house that belonged to the three children, apparently in consultation with Roula.

A few minutes later, Dimitra Pispirigou went to the Patras Police to file a lawsuit against the lawyer, because as they claimed she may have had the right to enter the property as a legal representative of Eugenia Koutra’s relatives, but could not get things. which belonged to the family of Pispirigos – Daskalaki.

According to information, however, the lawyer, Andreas Theodoropoulos, states ignorance about the removal of the bag of 9-year-old Georgina, from inside the house.

They broke into the house on Bizaniou Street
Traces of violations on the two-story building on Bizaniou Street were detected on Friday, as there seems to be a violation of the entrances of the 1st and 2nd floors.

Early in the afternoon, the lawyers representing relatives of the housewife Eugenia Koutra went to the two-story building where the Daskalaki-Pispirigou family lived and with the help of a locksmith entered the house.

Without having issued the decision, after the discussion of the precautionary measures to hand over the keys from the property on Bizaniou Street, the lawyers, Konstantinos Leon and Andreas Theodoropoulos, claiming that if there are legal heirs representing them, they opened the main entrance.

As they claimed, they went up to the first floor where they found the door violated, did not continue to the 2nd floor and then left.

According to information, the entrance of the 2nd floor where the landlady lived has been violated, since the beds are of old type and can easily be violated.

However, as shown by photos provided by tempo24 from the first floor of the property, in the space that is almost empty there are only some children’s toys. We remind you that this space was used by Manos Daskalakis as a studio.


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