Orban refers to a 20-day agreement on an embargo on Russian oil


In… 22 days, at the regular meeting of the European Council, on 22 and 23 June, the Hungarian Prime Minister referred Victor Orbanto find a solution to the “Gordian knot” of the embargo on Russian oil if the extraordinary summit does not reach an agreement.

“The next discussion on what is happening with pipeline oil should take place at the leadership level, as the issue is very political,” the Hungarian told other leaders at the summit, according to two diplomats cited by Politico.

In his remarks, Orban effectively rebuffed other EU officials and diplomats who insisted that the issues related to sanctions on Russian oil imports were mainly technical at this stage, and could be resolved by relevant officials.

Orban is still resisting the current compromise plan, despite including an exemption for Russian pipeline oil. Orban said he wanted assurances that Hungary would still be able to buy oil if its pipeline supply was cut off.

If the Hungarian Prime Minister insists on his position that the issue can only be resolved by European leaders, it would mean that the issue will have to wait until the next European Council.

However, two diplomats estimated that they did not must be interpreted literally Orban’s words, suggesting that the Hungarian leader may simply have stressed how politically important the issue is.

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