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Bolsonaro rides motorcycle in Orlando and speaks in church with Allan dos Santos in the audience


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President Jair Bolsonaro (PL) gathered about 350 motorcycles and their owners in front of an evangelical church in Orlando, United States, this Saturday morning (11). Then they went out in a group through the surrounding streets.

Before the motorcycle rider, Bolsonaro spoke inside the church. “What I ask most of you is prayers, understanding, because we cannot go wrong. I believe that that first sentence of the book of John 8:32 is already a reality. The truth. [frase] which says that for lack of knowledge my people perished. I understand that you now understand what real politics is in Brazil,” he said.

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Then he made another statement outside, where about 2,000 people, by church estimates, were waiting for him in the parking lot. He spoke from atop a jeep. Supporters waved flags and roared their engines to show support, in the hot sun and 30°C heat.

Bolsonaro traveled to the United States to participate in the Summit of the Americas, which took place in Los Angeles, and had a bilateral meeting with US President Joe Biden. On different occasions, Bolsonaro has echoed the fanciful speech that there was fraud in the election that brought the Democrat to power.

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The Bolsonarista blogger Allan dos Santos — investigated in the investigation of fake news and anti-democratic acts and considered a fugitive after having his arrest decreed by STF Minister Alexandre de Moraes — was in the audience of this Saturday’s presidential speech and published a video in which he accompanied the presidential speech. , in the front rows of the church. Santos came to Orlando to participate in the first Brazilian Conservative Congress in Florida, organized by the Yes Brazil USA group.

Earlier, Bolsonaro said he had not arranged a meeting with Santos, but that he would not refuse the conversation. “If he is present, I will speak to him. He is a Brazilian citizen. He expressed himself, whether it was good or bad, but his sentence could never be a threat of imprisonment,” he said. Asked if the gesture could be seen as an affront to the STF, which ordered Santos’ arrest, the president replied that “the ministers need to understand that they are not gods”. “We are all authorities subordinate to the Constitution.”

After a short speech, the president got on a motorbike and set off for the ride, followed by about 350 motorbikes, in Planalto’s estimation, and dozens more cars, decorated with many flags of Brazil, some of the USA, posters of support. to the president and some criticizing the press and the left.

The group drove for about 40 minutes through the nearby streets, where there are amusement parks and shops, in a route agreed with the local police. The motorcycles that were closer to the president were searched by the police and the secret service, which helps protect Bolsonaro on his journeys.

Upon arrival, Bolsonaro was surrounded by supporters as he got off the motorcycle and there was a push-and-pull between Brazilian and American agents and the public. The president got into the car, walked a few meters standing in it, with the door open, before leaving for lunch, at a Brazilian steakhouse, along with the entourage.

The president should take off back to Brazil this Saturday afternoon (11). Earlier, in the morning, he inaugurated the vice consulate of Brazil in Orlando, an office that should facilitate the access of Brazilians to services such as the issuance of passports.

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