You can see the Elementary School Lobby sign covered in flowers and gifts. The school will eventually be demolished, said Mayor Uvalde (Photo: Getty Images).

Authorities said the Texas elementary school, where attackers killed 19 children and two teachers, would be destroyed.

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At a city council meeting Tuesday, Mayor Don McLaughlin was asked by attendees if Robbie Elementary School had been demolished.

“I understand the school is going to be demolished, I’ve talked to the supervisor,” McLaughlin said. “We never ask our children to go back to school or our teachers to go back to school.

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The mayor did not share when the demolition process began.

Public anger at the school district's police chief reached a record level when the horrifying new details of the day resurfaced.

Public anger against the school district’s police chief reached a record level when new and shocking details of the day resurfaced (Photo: AP).

His comments came after public anger erupted at police officers over their delay in responding to the May 24 incident. At a hearing in the Texas Senate on Tuesday, top state police officials called the police response a “terrible failure.”

“The officers had guns. They had no children,” said Stephen McClure, director of the Department of Public Safety. “The officer had armor, but the children did not. The officer was trained, but there was no issue. 1 hour 14 minutes 8 seconds, because the boy and the teacher survived in 111 rooms. I have been waiting for a long time. .

McCram told a hearing that the shooters were stopped three minutes after entering the building because there were many armed police officers at the scene of the shooting at Robbie Elementary School.

Instead, police waited 77 minutes for additional personnel and tactical equipment to arrive in the hallway, eventually storming the classroom and killing the shooter. By then he had already killed 19 children and his two teachers.

The victim's outraged family is forced to demand his release from the school district police chief.

The victim’s outrage was dismissed by the school district police chief (Photo: KENS5).

Surveillance videos also showed that police officers did not attempt to enter the classroom where the attackers were barricaded. Previous reports said that the police could not enter because the door was locked, but this was not the case.

No police tried to enter the room and the door key was broken.

Macrow, like much of the Wowland community, has blamed Peter Arendondo, the district’s police chief. Peter Arendondo was supposed to be the scene commander, but he didn’t think he was responsible.

In response to McLaugh’s accusations, Mayor Wald said he continued to “lye, leak, misrepresent or misrepresent” local police to protect state forces.

According to the mayor, the monument represents the demolished Lobby Elementary School.

According to the mayor, the monument represents the demolished Lobby Elementary School (Photo: Getty Images).

“Before Rob’s elementary school opened, there were at least eight law enforcement officers in the hallway. At every briefing, he leaves with his own officers and multiple rangers on scene that day,” McLaughlin said.

“He does not discount the fact that during this time all other classrooms in the building were safely evacuated by peacekeepers with the help of border guards.

His comments came hours after the Uvald City Council confirmed Arendondo’s vacation leave as a criticism of his reaction to the shootings in the mountains.

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