Blinken on abortion: We will not give in to this commitment


At least seven states have already enacted the ban, which has caused a stir.

Washington will continue to support “reproductive health rights,” he said. US Secretary of State Anthony Blinkenafter the historic decision of the Supreme Court of the country for prohibition of abortions in the US that caused global disgust.

The US State Department “will remain fully committed to facilitating access to reproductive health services and promoting reproductive health rights worldwide”, notes Blinken in a statement.

The US Secretary of State also assured that his services “will do everything possible” so that all employees in the US State Department can have access to reproductive health services “where they live”.

“We will not back down from this commitment.” emphasizes.

Yesterday the very conservative Supreme Court buried the right to abortion in the USA, annulling the flagship decision of “Row vs. Wade” of 1973 for the voluntary termination of pregnancy and returning to each state the possibility to allow or not abortions. At least 7 states entered into force within yesterday this ban.

Leaders of their allied countries USAas the Canadathe Britain and the France They regretted a setback with this decision that puts the US against the current of the vast majority of countries, especially developed countries.

“A tragic mistake,” says Biden

THE US President Joe Biden called the decision of the Supreme Court annulling the right to abortion a “tragic mistake” and the result of “extremist ideology”.

“The health and lives of women in this country are now in danger,” the Democratic president said in a statement following the historic court ruling, lamenting the “sad day” for the United States, which is an exception worldwide. .

Biden called for the struggle to continue peacefully and to defend the right to abortion and all other “personal freedoms” as the midterm parliamentary elections, which are announced to be difficult for the Democratic camp, approach.

“This decision is the result of a deliberate effort for decades to upset the balance of our law,” he said.

“The Court is leading us on an extremely dangerous path,” he said.

“Today the Supreme Court has clearly removed a constitutional right from the American people that it has already recognized.”

“Voters need to make their voices heard. This fall they will have to elect more senators and representatives who will codify a woman’s right to vote in federal law once again.”

“I have warned how this decision jeopardizes the wider right to privacy for all … The right to make the best decisions for your health. The right to birth control, a married couple in the privacy of their own bedroom.”

Trump’s nine judges

The Court of nine judgeswho for a long time bears the imprint of the American religious right after the appointments made by Donald Trump, “literally takes America 150 years back” invoking old jurisprudences, Biden said with disapproval, speaking from the Great Hall at the entrance of the White House. .

Women holding key positions in the White House gathered to listen to the president’s statements, while a heavy silence and sullen faces weighed on the environment.

Biden has vowed to do “everything he can” through decrees and regulations to try to protect access to voluntary abortion, which is now threatened in half of the United States.

The president pledged to protect Americans’ right to travel to a state where abortion would remain legal, as well as access to early-term pills in early pregnancy.

He acknowledged, however, that his room for maneuver was limited, and that only the US Congress could restore that right, which has benefited all American women since 1973, by passing a federal law that would overturn the decisions of the United States, especially those in power. by Republicans.

The 79-year-old president, a devout Catholic who strongly supports the right to abortion, also warned of the possible consequences of the ruling today on other acquis, such as contraception and marriage for all.

The focus now is on abortion pills

Enjoying their victory in the Supreme Court, opponents of abortion say they are now determined to do everything possible to stop this practice in all US states.

Describing the decision as a “historic victory for human rights”, the activists announced that their movement was entering a new phase, this time at the local level.

Following the Supreme Court ruling that overturned the Row v. Wade case law of 1973, each State is free to choose whether to legalize or prohibit abortion. For some activists, however, the ultimate goal is to return to the Supreme Court at some point to give embryos the same rights as “human beings” – something that would make abortion a homicide.

“A whole new life movement is beginning,” said Marjorie Danenfelser, president of the Susan B. Anthony List. “We are ready to launch an attack to defend life in all legislatures, in every state and in the White House,” he added.

The “Path for Life” group is also moving in this direction, reminding in an announcement that “although it is a big step towards the right path, the overthrow of Rowe does not end abortions”.

Much of this work has already been done. Nearly half of the United States will ban or drastically restrict access to abortion – some laws even went into effect shortly after the Court’s ruling was announced.

Other states, such as California, have vowed to uphold that right.

For activists who advocate for the right to abortion, as well as for his opponents, the next battle will be in the courts or local elections. The “March for Life” immediately sent an e-mail asking for sponsorships to support its efforts at the local level. “To say we are excited would be euphemism, but our work does not stop here,” the team members commented.

Marjorie Danenfelser explained that her own group will focus on the November midterm elections, in which Republicans hope to regain control of Parliament and the Senate. “Today’s decision intensifies the stakes,” he commented.

The movement would like Congress or the Supreme Court to ban abortions altogether, on the grounds that the fetus is a complete human being and has the same rights. “Throughout history, many groups have been unjustly deprived of the characterization of man by society and the law. “Abortion is no different,” said the “Path for Life”.

“We want the abolition of abortion. “The issue will never be resolved until the Supreme Court removes this scourge,” said the United Americans for Life group.

Another battlefield is abortion pills – in the US, half of all women who terminate their pregnancies do not go into surgery but simply take pills. It is very easy to buy them online and therefore bypass the bans, something that the authorities of the States know very well. Recently, Kentucky and South Dakota banned the delivery of abortion pills by mail.

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