The Birmingham Frankfurt Christmas Market is the UK’s largest festive market event (Image: Getty)

A father who says he was involved after eating a ham sandwich five years ago is now in court.

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Tyrone Prado, 46, says his life hasn’t been the same since he ate rolls at the Christmas market in 2017, and now he suffers from flatulence and can’t sleep at night.

Mr Meadow of Wiltshire sued the company for more than £200,000.

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He says he felt sick during stomach hour after eating a sandwich at an event in Birmingham.

The lawyer told the High Court that he had been bedridden for five weeks, causing serious illnesses such as fever and diarrhoea.

Mr. Prades, the boss of the flooring company, believes he was infected with Salmonella and claims that others who ate there were also infected.

His attorney, Robert Parkin, said:

Symptoms are primarily discomfort and changes in bowel function, associated with abdominal “bloating” and flatulence.

“The plaintiff’s stomach continues to complain frequently to some extent that his sleep may be disturbed.

“The degree of symptoms is life changing.”

He said there was an investigation by the British Public Health Service, which resulted in the stalls being closed and thoroughly cleaned.

“A total of 16 people in all three groups complained of similar symptoms after eating at the counter,” he says.

According to him, two cases of salmonellosis occurred in the parking lot between December 9 and 11, 2017.

Prado claims that it did not supply contaminated BAP due to inadequate hygienic measures.

“It is clear that contaminated food such as VAP is not fit for human consumption,” he says.

Environmental operators found E. coli on a parking knife, but there was no evidence of Salmonella.

However, operator Frankfurt Christmas Market Ltd, along with lawyer Philip Davie, denied cheating and said he did not claim to have contracted E. coli.

“The claim that Bop was contaminated with Salmonella is unfounded and needs to be proven,” Davy said.

The company also does not agree with the size of the demand.

This case will be heard at a later date.

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