Israel: F-35s grounded due to possible problem


The problem is likely to be found in the ejection system of their operators’ seats. The review process will take a few days.

The Israeli Air Force announced on Saturday that it is temporarily suspending all activity of its partially invisible to radar F-35 fighter jets, following concerns in the US over a possible problem with the ejection system of its pilots’ seats.

The fighters will be inspected, a process that will take several days, the Israeli PA said on Twitter. If sorties of these fighters need to be conducted in the interim, special permission from the Chief of the Air Staff will be required, he added.

The announcement by the Israeli Air Force follows the announcement in the US on Friday of a possible hardware failure of the explosive cartridge cases of the pilot seat ejection system in three types of US military aircraft, including the F-35, which caused suspension of certain businesses.

The F-35 is manufactured by Lockheed Martin. It is also known as the Joint Strike Fighter and in Israel as the “Andir” (“Strong”).


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