Giovanna Ewbank defends children from racism: ‘You deserve a punch in the face’


Giovanna Ewbank, 35, argued with a woman at the Clássico Beach Club restaurant, in Costa da Caparica, Portugal, defending her children Titi and Bless from racism, this Saturday (30). In the images, shared by columnist Leo Dias, the actress is held by a person while cursing a seated woman. Bruno Gagliasso, 40, appears standing next to the woman as she argues.

“Disgusting racist, a motherfucker, that’s what you are, hideous, ugly. You’re disgusting,” says the actress. The woman replied to Giovanna: “Look at your face, look at you”. The actress counters: “Look at your face, I’m sorry for you, it’s a pity. You’re disgusting. You deserve you know what? You deserve a punch, a punch in your face. That’s what you deserve”, said the actress. .

In a statement, the couple’s press office reported that a white woman, who was at the restaurant, cursed Titi and Bless and about 15 people from an Angolan family. “The criminal asked them to leave the restaurant and return to Africa, among other absurdities uttered to children as ‘filthy blacks'”, says the note.

Giovanna reacted and confronted the woman, while Gagliasso called the police. According to the couple’s publicist, the woman was escorted and arrested. The actors will file a complaint for racism at the Portuguese police station.

After the video was released, Giovanna joined the most talked about topics on Twitter, became a meme and several netizens praised the actress’ reaction saying that she should have beaten the woman who offended her children.

“I don’t give Giovanna Ewbank a cloth because we use a cloth when the person is wrong and her only mistake was not having her ass in the racist”, commented an internet user. Another Twitter user wrote: “The coolest thing was Giovanna Ewbank calling the racist ugly ugly and the woman not being able to return the curse.”

One netizen said that Giovanna did what needs to be done, which is to defend black children, whatever the cost. “Raising black children is not easy and you have to have the courage and willingness to fall into the problem. You did too much right! I just missed exposing the face, the identity of the racist.”

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