NATO: The Czech Senate approved the admission of Sweden and Finland


The next step is the approval of the admission protocols by the Czech lower house, which is considered merely formal, followed by the signing of the ratification by the country’s president, Milo Zeman.

The Senate of the Czech Republic approved yesterday Wednesday, almost unanimously, the enlargement of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization.

All 66 senators participating in the process approved Sweden’s admission to NATO, while 64 out of 65 approved Finland’s admission. One senator abstained, but later assured public news agency ČTK that he had done so by mistake.

It remains for the two Nordic countries’ admission protocols to be approved by the Czech lower house as well, which is considered a mere formality. The final step is for President Milos Zeman to sign the ratification.

The Czech Republic is on track to become the 24th NATO member state to approve enlargement.

Ratification of the protocols by all 30 member states of the military alliance is required.

The most important obstacle to the completion of the process is Turkey: Ankara primarily accuses Stockholm, but also Helsinki, of protecting members of the separatist armed Kurdish movement the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) and other organizations it characterizes as terrorist.


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