Cristina’s aggressor took photos with a pistol and may have premeditated attack


The Argentine justice found on the cell phone of Fernando Andrés Sabag Montiel, arrested for trying to shoot Vice President Cristina Kirchner, a series of photos that could reveal that the assassination attempt was planned months ago. The records would also incriminate the suspect’s girlfriend, arrested this Monday (5). The information is from the Argentine newspaper Clarin.

According to the publication, the SIM card of Sabag’s cell phone stores pictures of him holding the weapon used in the attack on Cristina on Thursday night (1st). One of the records would have been made a year ago.

In three other photographs, his girlfriend, Brenda Uliarte, appears with a pistol in her belt. After the attack, she said that she did not know that Sabag had a gun and that she did not know the belongings found in her partner’s house – in the early hours of Friday (2), police found 100 9mm bullets.

Also according to Clarín, Uliarte’s photo is from May 8, contradicting his claim that he had known Sabag for just two months. In addition, the scenario for the records would be Sabag’s current address – in contrast to the information that Uliarte moved in with her boyfriend in August.

In the images it is also possible to see the ammunition used by the suspect in the attack against Cristina. According to Clarin, Sabag had the bullets for a year.

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