‘It’s part of our history’, says reader about the World Cup sticker album


Last Friday (2), the Sheet asked his readers if they are going to collect the Qatar Cup sticker album and what their stories are with the stickers that mark the memory of Brazilians every four years.

“It’s the story of a child in love with football, but, above all, with the World Cup”, summarizes André Cintra Silva, 42, from Betim (MG), about the beginning of his relationship with the albums. The journalist, who worked on the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, says he has returned to collecting the stickers as a way of strengthening the bond with his son, who has become interested in the album.

On the eve of the event, real estate broker Regina Celia Souza, 55, from Macaé (RJ), has the habit of meeting with her husband and children to buy, open, glue and exchange the figurines in a moment of “relaxation and partnership”. She keeps the complete albums to this day. “It’s part of our history.”

It is the story of a child in love with football, but above all, with the World Cup.

Excited to revive a habit from when he was a child, Anderson Carlos Barreto, 47, from Suzano (SP), returned to collecting the album. Like André and Regina, the account consultant passed the game on to his son. After pointing out the exchange of stickers as one of the most fun parts, and talking about the importance of contact with people moved by the same purpose, he recalls what he has already done to get a sticker that was missing to close the album: “I already exchanged 10 figurines for one”.

Arthur Moreira Mesquita, 17, from Embu das Artes (SP) says that, despite never having managed to complete a World Cup album, it has become a tradition to buy the picture books and glue the stickers together with his father. The high school student to this day keeps all the editions he has ever had, as they have great sentimental value for him.

Student Gabriel de Asevêdo Fontana, 21, from Cachoeira Paulista (SP), also sees the albums as good memories and believes it is a tradition that needs to be maintained. Involved in trading cards since he was nine years old with the help of his father and maternal grandfather, he says he likes this culture and is always excited during the World Cup, mainly because of the interaction of the game.

Joining the group of experienced collectors is Antônio Marcos de Araújo Carvalho, 37, from Avaré (SP), who collected and lovingly keeps the 2010, 2014 and 2018 albums he completed. Unfortunately, the constant sequence of the notary clerk was interrupted by the high prices of sticker envelopes of the 2022 album edition. But the admiration for football remains firm and the memories of the sticker exchanges remain fresh in the fan’s mind.

Teacher Maria Vilany Rodrigues, 58, from São Paulo (SP), also says she likes the sport and loves the game of trading stickers, a custom she has been with for a few years. In addition to remembering the anxiety of filling the album with stickers exchanged at newsstands, she says that her daughter and son-in-law started dating in one of these circles to complete the album. Today, they are married and happy.

And you, are you going to collect figurines this year? Leave it in the comments.

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