Orban defies EU: ‘No’ to sanctions, will continue granting visas to Russians


On Thursday, Hungary’s prime minister argued that EU-imposed sanctions against Russia should be lifted.

THE Viktor Orban continues to defy the EU as Hungary decides to issue visas to Russian citizens. This is reported by TASS citing the country’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Also, the Russian agency reports that Hungary will not agree to the imposition of European energy sanctions against Russia.

On Thursday, Hungary’s prime minister argued that EU-imposed sanctions against Russia should be lifted.

Orban, a critic of EU sanctions against Moscow over its invasion of Ukraine, made the comments at a closed-door meeting of his party members on Wednesday.

According to the Magyar Nemzet report, Orban said that EU sanctions have led to an increase in gas prices and inflation, and added that if they were lifted, gas prices would immediately drop by 50%, while the inflation would decrease.

Not from the Czech Republic in granting a visa

THE Czech republic on the other hand, he announced that he would not issue visas for humanitarian reasons to Russians who leave their country to avoid conscription.

“I understand that Russians are fleeing from increasingly desperate decisions taken by Putin,” Czech Foreign Minister Jan Lipavsky said in a statement obtained by AFP.

“But those who leave their country because they do not want to fulfill a duty imposed by their own state do not meet the criteria to receive a visa on humanitarian grounds,” stressed Lipavsky, whose country holds the rotating EU presidency.

Thus, the Czechs adopt a different position regarding Russian defectors, compared to other countries of the European Union, especially Germany which announced today that it is ready to receive them.

“Anyone who courageously opposes Putin and is therefore at risk can apply for political asylum in Germany,” said German Interior Minister Nancy Fesser.

The Czech Republic stopped issuing visas to Russians after the invasion of Ukraine, but later made exceptions in cases where there were humanitarian reasons.

At the same time, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland began turning away Russian citizens from border crossings at midnight on Monday, saying they should not travel while their country is at war with Ukraine.

The three Baltic states will not offer refuge to any Russians fleeing Moscow’s military buildup, their ministers said on Wednesday.


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