Miserable conditions for the Russian soldiers: Holey tent while it snows and… “head chef” – Video


“I’m shocked, this is our ‘ceiling’. It’s snowing through it,” comments one of the “mobilized” Russians on the Ukrainian front.

It seems that the conditions for them are miserable Russian troops according to videos that see the light of day. In the latest video, conscripts from the city of Barnaul sit under a hole-in-the-wall tent as it snows.

“I’m shocked, this is our ‘ceiling’. It’s snowing through it” seems to be the comment of one of the “mobilized” Russians about the Ukrainian front.

“Friends of one of the men say he’s been there for three days doing ‘training’. The platoon leader is a 27-year-old man who served 7 years ago and worked as a chef before being mobilized,” Ukrainian sources say.

The Institute for the Study of War (ISW) said in a new report that the Russian authorities they send to Ukrainian front untrained conscripts to reinforce the remnants of various units.

They even include once elite units, such as the 1st Tank Regiment of the 1st Tank Army.

Indeed, according to ISW, “the addition of new forces to these units of the Russian army is unlikely to increase their fighting power.”

In addition, there are complaints that in addition to being undertrained, the Russian soldiers are also not adequately equipped.

In video a female soldier in a unit – concentration base in the area Altai of Russia welcomes the young recruits and instructs them on what to expect on the Ukrainian front and what to take with them.

At the same time, the wave of Russians fleeing continues, as there are complaints that even students or middle-aged people are being recruited.

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