Putin furious over conscription mistakes: ‘They must be corrected and not repeated’


“This recruitment raises many questions. All mistakes must be corrected and made sure that they are not repeated,” Putin scolded, speaking at a meeting of Russia’s Security Council

The president Vladimir Putin asked today to “correct mistakes” to the mobilization underway in Russia to bolster the military operation, as he calls it, in Ukraine, speaking at a meeting of the Russian Security Council, the RIA Novosti news agency reported, as discontent grows over the often chaotic draft of conscripts.

The media and Russians on social media reported cases of the recruitment of the elderly, students, the sick or conscripts with no military experience.

Conscription also caused protests and thousands of men to flee abroad.

“This recruitment raises many questions. All mistakes must be corrected and made sure they are not repeated,” Putin scolded during the video conference meeting, which was broadcast on Russian television.

He also stated that those with military experience and training in required specialties should be called up first.

The Russian president said fathers of large families, people suffering from serious illnesses or even the elderly, cases that should be exempted under the law, were invited.

“If a mistake was made, we must correct it and bring back to their homes those who were summoned without a proper reason,” Putin stressed.

The Kremlin spokesman admitted on Monday that “mistakes” had been made in the draft, which is supposed to involve 300,000 reservists with military experience or useful skills such as truck drivers.

More than 2,400 people have been arrested in anti-conscription protests in Russia since its announcement on September 21, according to specialist organization OVD-Info.

Many Russians also chose to leave the country to avoid conscription, forming long lines at the borders of Georgia, Kazakhstan, Mongolia and Finland. Air flights were also crowded with men.

There were many public expressions of displeasure by officials and citizens about the way the draft was conducted, including complaints about draft office officials sending out drafts to ineligible men.


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