Czechs raised money, bought a tank and donated it to Ukraine against Putin


More than 11,000 people donated to the campaign titled “A gift for Putin” – In about a month, the campaign raised $1.2 million

A crowdfunding campaign in the Czech Republic raised enough money to buy a modern T-72 tank for Ukraine.

Within about a month, the campaign raised 30 million kroner (1.2 million dollars), the organizers said today.

More than 11,000 people they did donations in the campaign entitled “A gift for Putin” and was supported by the Ministry of Defense of the Czech Republic and the Embassy of Ukraine in Prague.

Organizers named the Tomas tank after the co-founder and first president of Czechoslovakia, Tomas Mazarik.

Czech Defense Minister Jana Chernosova thanked everyone involved and pointedly noted that they had ensured that the Russian leader Vladimir Putin will receive a “proper present” for his 70th birthday next Friday, October 7.

He called the Russian leader “a KGB agent, a murderer and a fraud.”

The next step is to raise money to buy ammunition for the tank. The Embassy of Ukraine in the Czech Republic has already received donations of over 8.6 million euros.

The Czech defense ministry has supplied Ukraine with weapons and ammunition worth more than 160 million euros since the Russian offensive began in late February.

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