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USA: Biden is going to Pennsylvania today ahead of the midterm elections


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The US president is supporting his campaign of candidate John Fetterman in Pennsylvania, which is considered a “key state”

Joe Biden is expected to join candidate John Fetterman’s campaign in Pennsylvania today, where Democrats and Republicans will give tough fight for a senatorial seat and which cannot be ruled out to decide which faction will have a majority in the upper house.

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The US president plans to travel to Pittsburgh and Philadelphia to promote the infrastructure investment plan, supporting John Fetterman, who hopes to win a Senate seat after the Nov. 8 election.

The candidate, known for wearing shorts and a hoodie, is expected to inconclusive battle with Republican celebrity surgeon Memet Oz. The latter threatens to wipe out Democrats’ hopes of retaining control of Congress.

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However, Mr. Fetterman’s lead has shrunk from 11 points in mid-September to about five in recent polls.

Analysts believe that Pennsylvania is among the key states which Democrats must win to retain control of the Senate on November 8.

For now, Joe Biden’s efforts to help his party are having limited impact — his low popularity is not helping. In recent speeches, he promised that will protect the right to abortion and expressed his intention to attack high retail fuel prices.

But three weeks before the election, Americans appear to be leaning heavily toward the Republicans.


According to a recent Siena Institute poll conducted on behalf of the New York Times, 26% of respondents say that the economy is the main concern theand 18% put inflation first. A problem that the American president is unable to resolve quickly.

Even in matters about which he expresses great confidence, things are not so simple.

In his speech the day before Tuesday, Mr. Biden referred to the indignation caused by 180° turn of the Supreme Court for abortion in June. She predicted that American women would revolt, adding that Republicans haven’t seen “anything yet.”

The “rebellion” that the American president is waiting for, however, does not emerge from the Siena/NYT poll: only 5% of the sample said that the issue of abortion is their main concern.

Traditionally, US midterm elections are difficult case for the ruling party. Even if Democrats suffer a heavy defeat next month, it won’t be a surprise.

The University of Virginia’s newsletter “Larry Sabato’s Crystal Ball” reported yesterday that the president’s party appears to be slowly coming to terms with reality, abandoning hopes of retaining control of Congress.

“It is simply very difficult for a party to triumph with a president who has low popularity and with citizens very concerned about issues like the economy and inflation,” explained two of its editors.


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