Sweden: Speed ​​cameras stolen from roads found on Russian kamikaze drones


According to the Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet, a total of around a hundred cameras have been stolen in recent months

The speed cameras keep disappearing in Sweden, most recently the disappearance along the E16 motorway, writes the widely circulated Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet, pointing out that the same type of cameras were used by Russians on improvised drones during the war in Ukraine.

Sweden’s intelligence agency (Säpo) says it is aware of the information circulating about the link between thefts along Swedish roads and Russian improvised drones, but cannot comment on its intelligence activities.

“But we are not in a position to go into more detail or update you on our information,” says Fredrik Hultgren-Friberg, Säpo’s spokesperson.

At least three speed cameras have been stolen along the E16 motorway in the past 24 hours, according to information from Aftonbladet.

Another two have been stolen in Hedemora, according to the newspaper Södra Dalarnes.

The thefts over the past 24 hours are now being investigated by Dalarna and Yestrickland police.

Aftonbladet newspaper writes that on one of the Russian drones among those busted in Ukraine a Canon camera was found, exactly the same as those used in road traffic surveillance systems in Sweden.

The camera was attached to the drone with adhesive tape and the fuel tank was from a plastic bottle.

According to the newspaper, in total about a hundred cameras have been stolen in recent months.

On August 27th, eleven speed cameras disappeared on the provincial road 292 between Thierpe and Hargshamn.

Three days later, on August 30, Aftonbladet reported that nearly 50 speed cameras in the Stockholm area had been stolen.

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