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Students in the Philippines improvise ‘anti-glue’ hats with egg cartons and cardboard


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Educational institutions in the Philippines have found an unusual way to prevent their students from cheating and copying classmates’ answers on tests. They are the so-called “anti-glue hats”, which went viral on social media in the country after students at a university in Legazpi, south of Manila, adopted the accessories when taking their mid-term exams, reports the BBC.

According to the British portal, the person responsible for the idea was the professor of mechanical engineering at the University of Bicol, Mary Joy Mandane-Ortiz. She says she was looking for a fun way to ensure the integrity and honesty of tests, until she came across images of college students in Bangkok, Thailand, wearing paper blinkers in class.

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Mandane-Ortiz says her students enthusiastically embraced the proposal, in some cases creating “sticky hats” in minutes with whatever they found around them — one of the students improvised blinders with three empty egg cartons, for example. . Others appealed to helmets and even Halloween masks.

Records of students wearing the teacher’s hats and posted on Facebook garnered thousands of likes in just a few days and attracted local media coverage, as well as inspiring teachers from other parts of the Philippines to do the same.

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This was the case of Mike Balanay, a professor at the Rosario campus of Batangas State University, according to the regional portal Cebu Daily News.

In an interview with the website, he says that the proposal was a way to reduce tension between his students the first time they would take tests in person after the pandemic. The move was entirely voluntary — he says he never imagined that most students would take it.

Some of his students’ creations included a mask made from a garbage bag, blinkers crowned by a signal cone, and even a hat simulating a coffin. Adorned with a cross and flowers, his tombstone reads: “in loving memory of my midterm exams”.

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